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Welcome to the USPTO e-FOIA page. Through this page, you can search for the publicly available final decisions issued by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.The decisions can be searched by an identifier, an issue date range, or the combination of an identifier with a date range.The earliest decisions in this repository only go back to November 1996.

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Search syntax: Use the operators AND, OR, and AND NOT between search terms along with parentheses, e.g. ("john deere" or graham) and not "prior art"
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(1) EX=Ex Parte Appeal; OPP=Opposition; CANC=Cancellation; CU=Concurrent Use; (SJ)=Summary Judgment;
(MD)=Motion to Dismiss; (MR)=Motion to Reopen; (R)=Request for Reconsideration (2) *=Opinion Writer; (D)=Dissenting Panel Member

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