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Final Decisions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
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03/02/2017 OPP 91220965 Everdry Marketing & Management, Inc. v. Evercrete Group Quinn
2(d) Opposition Sustained EVER CRETE [high strength mortar suitable as a topping or patch mix for grouting material, crack filler, joint filler, resurfacing material for concrete, material for stuccoing walls (Class 18)] Evercrete (with design) [Chemical additives for protecting or sealing concrete; liquid which penetrates through the surface of concrete, cement, granite and brick to make it dustproof, waterproof, crumble proof and wear proof (Class 1); Protective oils for concrete; sealer coatings for cement (Class 2)] NO
03/02/2017 OPP 91204459 Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC v. AKM Food Svcs. LLC Cataldo*
2(d), 43(c) Opposition Sustained on 2(d) claim; but Dismissed with prejudice as to 43(c) claim GREEN BURRITO (“BURRITO” disclaimed) [restaurant services (Class 43)] THE GREEN PEPPER [restaurant services (Class 43)] NO
03/02/2017 EX 86669897 Detroit Rivertown Brewing Company, LLC Kuhlke
2(e) (4) Refusal Affirmed ATWATER SPIRITS (SPIRITS disclaimed) [distilled spirits (Class 33)] Z. Bello NO
03/02/2017 EX 86562172 Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth, Inc. Mermelstein
2(d) Refusal Affirmed IN ALL THE WORLD THERE’S ONLY ONE ZEHNDERS [Restaurant services (Class 43)] IN ALL THE WORLD ONLY ONE [Hotel and Restaurant Services (Class 43)] W. Jackson NO
03/02/2017 EX 86553010 Crescent Metal Products, Inc. Cataldo*
2(d) Refusal Affirmed ELBOW GREEZ (with design; colors black, white and green claimed as a feature of the mark.) [grease remover paste for use on food service equipment (Class 3)] ELBOW GREASE [all-purpose cleaners (Class 3)] B. Charlon NO
03/03/2017 EX 86535608 Justin Haggerty Cataldo*
2(d) Refusal Affirmed BOYLSTON [hats; jackets; socks; sweatshirts; T-shirts; tank tops (Class 25)] BOYLSTON TRADING CO. (Supplemental Register) (TRADING CO. disclaimed) [on-line retail store featuring clothing, footwear, watches, wallets, hats, bags, undergarments, jewelry, and accessories (Class 35)] M. Tratos NO
03/02/2017 EX 86363818 Sergei Gorlov Cataldo
2(d) Refusal Affirmed QWICKSERVE [Computer software in the field of convenience stores and functioning to allow convenience store customers to order items from an in-store touchscreen or a mobile device (Class 9)] [Providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable computer software in the field of convenience stores and functioning to allow convenience store customers to order items from an in-store touchscreen or a mobile device (Class 42)] QUIKSERVE [Point of sale computer terminals; computers with displays for use in restaurant kitchens (Class 9)] [Training restaurant operators in all facets of restaurant management including point of sale systems (Class 41)] [Computer software development for programs used by restaurant operators and franchisors (Class 42)]; and QIKSERVE [Computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for ordering menu items in a restaurant, hotel, stadium, or theater (Class 9)] M. Tanner NO
03/03/2017 EX 79175433 Soliance Cataldo*
2(d) Refusal Affirmed PRIMALHYAL [Chemical products for use in the manufacture of cosmetics, namely, raw materials as chemical additives or active chemical ingredients for cosmetic purposes, for anti-aging, moisturizing, skin complexion, lightening, protection, soothing, functional agent, firming and plumping purposes (Class 1)] PRIMAL [Chemicals for use in the manufacture of paints, coatings and finishes (Class 1)] A. Rosenthal NO

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