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Final Decisions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
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07/27/2018 CANC 92062946 Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. v. Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Bergsman*
Abandonment Petition to Cancel Granted ZMC (claim of common law rights) [for pharmaceuticals, dietary and nutritional supplements, vitamins, tea, various food products, and online retail store services featuring those products] [for farinaceous food pastes for human consumption; herbal infusions; royal jelly for human consumption not for medical purposes, in Int. Cl. 30] NO
07/24/2018 OPP 91225850 Dexas International, Ltd. v. Ideavillage Products Corp. Kuhlke
2(d) Opposition Sustained SNACK-DUO (claim of common law rights) [for food and drink containers] SNACKEEZ DUO [for beverageware; household containers for foods; thermal insulated containers for food or beverages; bottles, sold empty for beverages; cups for beverages; insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; portable beverage and food container holder, in Cl. 21] NO
07/26/2018 OPP 91222221 Jack’s Family Restaurants LP v. Wait List Incorporated Ritchie
2(d) Opposition Sustained JACK’S [for restaurant services-namely, drive-in restaurants specializing in the serving of sandwiches, seafood, and nonalcoholic beverages, in Cl. 43] and [for restaurant services featuring specially prepared sandwiches, in Cl. 43] JACK’S URBAN EATS (EATS disclaimed) [for restaurant services, in Cl. 43] NO
07/20/2018 OPP 91221291 Ferrero S.p.A. v. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited Mermelstein
2(d); Dilution Opposition Sustained based on 2(d) NUTELLA (stylized, with color claim) [for, inter alia, jellies, jams, compotes; milk and milk products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; edible oils and fats in Int. Cl. 29]; [flour, bread, biscuits in Int. Cl. 30]; [mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks, namely, carbonated beverages; fruit drinks and fruit juices in Int. Cl. 32] NUTRELA [for, inter alia, edible oils and fats; milk and dairy products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; preserves and pickles; jams; jellies in Int. Cl. 29]; [products containing soya flour for use as an additive to breads, biscuits; soya flour in Int. Cl. 30]; [mineral waters; aerated waters; non-alcoholic carbonated beverages; fruit juice beverages, fruit juices in Int. Cl. 32] NO
07/24/2018 EX 87463123 Innovative Brand Partners Taylor
2(d) Refusal Affirmed RILEY ROSE [for sunglasses, earphones and headphones, as well as various accessories for spectacles and cell phones, in Cl. 9] RILEY [for spectacles, sunglasses and various other types of glasses and glass frames and accessories therefor, in Cl. 9] P. Ferrer NO
07/27/2018 EX 87340089 Allegis Group, Inc. Bergsman
2(e)(1) Refusal Affirmed MSP DIRECT (MSP disclaimed) [for, among other things, business management and consultation in various fields including employment hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and career networking services; personnel placement and recruitment, in Cl. 35] A. Keam NO
07/27/2018 EX 87277387 OTRAJET Inc. Zervas
2(d) Refusal Affirmed [for, among other things, tires for bicycles; inner tubes for bicycles; bicycles; saddle covers for bicycles; tubeless tires for bicycles; bicycle wheel rims; saddles for bicycles, in Cl. 12] [for bicycle parts, namely, hubs, internal gear hubs, gear shift levers, cranks, crank sets, chain wheels, brake levers, front brakes, rear brakes, in Cl. 12] M. Vengroff NO
07/24/2018 EX 87210814 Reel Fish Holdings LLC Cataldo*
2(d) Refusal Affirmed REEL FISH COASTAL KITCHEN & BAR (COASTAL KITCHEN & BAR disclaimed) [for, among other things, restaurant and bar services, including restaurant carryout services; catering services, in Cl. 43] THE REEL FISH CO (FISH CO disclaimed) [for fish; fish extract; fish soups; prepared meals consisting primarily of fish, in Cl. 29] S. Paquin NO
07/24/2018 EX 87132281 Berry Plastics Corporation Taylor
2(d) Refusal Affirmed OPTICLEAR [for plastic shrink packaging film for industrial and commercial packaging, in Cl. 16] Two registrations, by different Registrants: OPTICLEAR [for pressure sensitive adhesive labelling film, in Cl. 17]; and OPTI CLEAR (CLEAR disclaimed) [for transparent heat activated plastic film in sheet, roll and pouch form for use in encapsulating and laminating documents, photographs and others flat substrates, in Cl. 17] S. Ferrell NO
07/25/2018 EX 87110668 Productos Verdes Valle, S.A. de C.V. Bergsman*
2(e)(1) and 6(a) disclaimer requirement; 2(d) Refusal Reversed as to 2(d); Refusal Affirmed in absence of disclaimer of TAMAL [for tamales, in Cl. 30] TAMAYO [for restaurant services, in Cl. 42] P. Howard NO
07/25/2018 EX 87089182 Red Slate Brands LLC Zervas*
2(e)(1) and 6(a) disclaimer requirement; 2(d) Refusal Affirmed on both grounds MIRACLE FLAME [for flameless battery powered candles; electric light strings of flameless candles for Christmas trees, in Cl. 11] MIRACLE LED (LED disclaimed) [for LED light bulbs, in Cl. 11] C. Cahill NO
07/23/2018 EX 87012651 JCH International, Inc. Ritchie
2(e)(1) Refusal Affirmed EDIBLE COFFEE [for coffee-based snack foods, in Cl. 30] J. Sullivan NO
07/20/2018 EX 86968080 Pan American Properties, Corp. Mermelstein
2(e)(1) Refusal Affirmed EL DÍA MUNDIAL DE LA SALSA [advertising, marketing and promotion services in Int. Cl. 35]; [entertainment services in the nature of arranging and organizing social entertainment events; organization of cultural events in Int. Cl. 41] L. Burke NO
07/23/2018 EX 86705287 Peace Love World Live, LLC Mermelstein
1, 2 and 45 (failure to function as a mark); 2(d) Both Refusals Affirmed I LOVE YOU [for bracelets, in Cl. 14] I LUV U [jewelry, namely, necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms; pendants; earrings, in Cl. 14] J. Turner YES
07/24/2018 EX 86580372 Little Moon Essentials, LLC Kuhlke
2(d) Refusal Affirmed CLEAR MIND [for body sprays, in Cl. 3] (in stylized format, as shown above) [for dietary food supplements, in Cl. 5] M. Bell NO
07/20/2018 EX 86128405 Christopher Roth Cataldo
2(d) Refusal Affirmed BUFFALO PHILLY’S [restaurant services featuring eat in, take-out and delivery in Int. Cl. 43] BUFFALO PHIL’S and design (as shown below) (BUFFALO disclaimed) [for restaurant services in Int. Cl. 43] X. Ademi NO

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