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Supreme Court Decisions of Interest
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Supreme Court 18-302 Iancu v. Brunetti 06/24/2019 Constitution; First Amendment; Immoral; Scandalousness; Trademark
Supreme Court 17-1594 Return Mail v. Postal Service 06/10/2019 AIA; IPR; Petitioner; Statutory Construction
Supreme Court 17-571 Fourth Estate v. Wall-Street 03/04/2019 Cause of Action; Copyright; Infringement; Registration
Supreme Court 17-1625 Rimini Street v. Oracle USA 03/04/2019 Copyright; Costs
Supreme Court 17-1229 Helsinn v. Teva 01/22/2019 AIA; On Sale; Statutory Construction
Supreme Court 16-1011 WesternGeco v. ION Geophysical 06/22/2018 Damages; Extraterritoriality; Lost Profits
Supreme Court 16-712 Oil States v. Greene's Energy 04/24/2018 AIA; Article III; Constitution; IPR; Seventh Amendment
Supreme Court 16-969 SAS Institute v. Iancu 04/24/2018 AIA; Challenged Claims; Final Written Decision; IPR; Statutory Construction
Supreme Court 15-1293 Matal v. Tam 06/19/2017 Constitution; Disparagement; Trademark
Supreme Court 15-1039 Sandoz v. Amgen 06/12/2017 Biologics; FDA; Injunction; Patent; Statutory Construction
Supreme Court 15-1189 Impression v. Lexmark 05/30/2017 Exhaustion; First Sale Doctrine; Infringement
Supreme Court 16-341 TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods 05/22/2017 Corporation; Infringement; Residence; Statutory Construction; Venue
Supreme Court 15-866 Star Athlet. v. Varsity Brands 03/22/2017 Copyright Eligibility
Supreme Court 15-927 SCA Hygiene v. First Quality 03/21/2017 Laches; Patent
Supreme Court 14-1538 Life Technologies v. Promega 02/22/2017 Infringement
Supreme Court 15-777 Samsung v. Apple 12/06/2016 Damages; Design; Infringement
Supreme Court 15-446 Cuozzo v. Lee 06/20/2016 AIA; APA; Broadest Reasonable Interpretation; Deference; IPR; Jurisdiction
Supreme Court 15-375 Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons 06/16/2016 Attorney Fees; Copyright
Supreme Court 14-1513 Halo Elec. v. Pulse Elec. 06/13/2016 Enhanced Damages; Willfulness
Supreme Court 13-720 Kimble v. Marvel 06/22/2015 Expired Patent; Licensee; Stare Decisis
Supreme Court 13-896 Commil v. Cisco 05/26/2015 Induced Infringement
Supreme Court 13-352 B&B Hardware v. Hargis 03/24/2015 Issue Preclusion; Trademark
Supreme Court 13-1211 Hana Financial v. Hana Bank 01/21/2015 Priority; Trademark
Supreme Court 13-854 Teva v. Sandoz 01/20/2015 Claim Construction; Standard of Review
Supreme Court 13-461 ABC v. Aereo 06/25/2014 Copyright; Infringement
Supreme Court 13-298 Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank 06/19/2014 Eligible Subject Matter
Supreme Court 13-369 Nautilus v. Biosig 06/02/2014 Claim Construction; Indefiniteness
Supreme Court 12-786 Limelight v. Akamai 06/02/2014 Induced Infringement; Process
Supreme Court 12-1315 Petrella v. MGM 05/19/2014 Copyright; Laches
Supreme Court 12-1163 Highmark v. Allcare 04/29/2014 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case; Standard of Review
Supreme Court 12-1184 Octane Fitness v. ICON Health 04/29/2014 Attorney Fees; Exceptional Case
Supreme Court 12-873 Lexmark v. Static Control 03/25/2014 False Advertising; Jurisdiction
Supreme Court 12-1128 Medtronic v. Mirowski 01/22/2014 Burden of Proof; Infringement; Licensee
Supreme Court 12-416 FTC v. Actavis 06/17/2013 Antitrust; Licensee
Supreme Court 12-398 Molecular Pathology v. Myriad 06/13/2013 Biotechnology; Eligible Subject Matter
Supreme Court 11-796 Bowman v. Monsanto 05/13/2013 Exhaustion; Plant
Supreme Court 11-697 Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons 03/19/2013 Copyright; First Sale Doctrine
Supreme Court 11-1118 Gunn v. Minton 02/20/2013 Jurisdiction; State Claims
Supreme Court 11-982 Already v. Nike 01/09/2013 Case Or Controversy; Jurisdiction; Licensee; Trademark
Supreme Court 10-1219 Kappos v. Hyatt 04/18/2012 145 Action Evidence; Standard of Review
Supreme Court 10-844 Caraco v. Novo Nordisk 04/17/2012 Abbreviated New Drug Application; Food and Drug Administration
Supreme Court 10-1150 Mayo v. Prometheus 03/20/2012 Eligible Subject Matter
Supreme Court 10-545 Golan v. Holder 01/18/2012 Berne Convention; Copyright
Supreme Court 10-290 Microsoft v. i4i 06/09/2011 Burden of Persuasion; Burden of Proof; Presumption of Validity
Supreme Court 09-1159 Stanford v. Roche Molecular 06/06/2011 Ownership
Supreme Court 10-6 Global-Tech v. SEB 05/31/2011 Induced Infringement
Supreme Court 08-964 Bilski v. Kappos 06/28/2010 Eligible Subject Matter
Supreme Court 08-103 Reed Elsevier v. Muchnick 03/02/2010 Copyright; Infringement; Jurisdiction
Supreme Court 07-1437 Carlsbad v. HIF Bio 05/04/2009 Jurisdiction; Remand; State Claims

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